Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Articles

One of my favorite blogs is Historical Costuming at  Jennifer, the blogger, has some wonderful articles I want to draw your attention to.  Check out these excellent articles.

19th  Century  Pocket Solutions ...because you have to put your iphone somewhere.

Three Tips to Prevent the Lampshade Hoopskirt

Clothing Articles to Make When You’re Just Beginning Historical Costuming

Antique Pattern Library

Do you enjoy looking at books of antique patterns and pictures?  Here are some resources that are just what you need.

Antique Pattern Library
This library contains many pattern and needlework books from prior to 1923 which are now in public domain.  These have been scanned and are available for download as a pdf file.  Nearly all needle arts are represented.

Antique Pattern Library Resource List
These are links to other antique patterns and informational sites.
This web site links to many entities that archive texts of the past.  You can find volumes of Godey's and Peterson's ladies magazine.  Look under Text to find these in American, Canadian and Universal libraries.  You can also Project Gutenberg and some audio collections from this site This is also a good portal for finding past websites using The Wayback Machine which proves that nothing posted on the web ever goes away.  Be careful what you may come back to haunt you.

Have fun looking at books from the past.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Tool on Board

When you logged in this time, you may have noticed a new orange button on the left side.  It is a wonderful new tool that will allow you to save a post as a PDF and email to yourself or someone else.  This allows you to save the information without having to print it.  Joliprint also works outside the blog, so be sure to visit and bookmark this page  It can also be added to your browser.  Many times I like to save articles for future reference but don't want to print it out and deal with the papers (yea! say the trees...)  Hope you will like this, too.  Don't forget to get an email everytime the blog is updated by entering your email in the button to the left.