Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Exciting Offer from Texas Historical Association on Texas Women

Discover Women Who Made Texas History in
Our Newest eBook Series

The contributions of Texas women to the state’s history are as wide-ranging and diverse as the land itself. In examining the Lone Star State’s past from any vantage point, women are an integral part of the timeline. Be they ancient or contemporary, provincial or worldly, as individuals or groups, Texas women make Texas history.
Join TSHA in recognizing the varied ways women have shaped the state’s history at home, across the state, nationally, and abroad.
On June 28, 2016, TSHA celebrates the 97th anniversary of Texas having ratified the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which was a major step in providing women the right to vote nationwide when it became law the following year.
TSHA presents the first in a new series of free eBooks Women Across Texas History that highlights important contributions women have made to the history of the Lone Star State.
This first FREE eBook of the Women Across Texas History series, Volume 1: Nineteenth Century and Before, features biographies of women who represented women’s public and private roles including:

  •  First Nation Indian woman, guide, and interpreter, Angelina.
  •  Free woman, former slave, and Texian landowner, Tamar Morgan.
  •  Texian matriarch, landowner, and Stephen F. Austin’s sister, Emily Austin Bryan Perry.
  •  Tejana ranch owner and businesswoman, SalomĂ© BallĂ­ Young.
  •  Physician, inventor, and early woman’s voting rights activist, Ellen Lawson Dabbs.
  •  Thirty-seven entries from the Handbook of Texas and three articles from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly that feature a number of diverse ways women have contributed to Texas history.
  •  More than 100 pages by historians that note the influence of women prior to and throughout nineteenth century Texas.
  •  Plus much more...