Monday, September 3, 2012

Camels in History Video

Please view this very well done video from our friend, Doug Baum, on the history of the
 Camels in Texas.  Invite your friends to view it as well.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chama Territorial Days 2012

A Tale of Bad Guys, Bank Robbers, and Butterfly Dances in Old Chama, New Mexico

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Grandmother's Choice

Quilting and History
Barbara Brackman of Civil War and Reproduction fabrics fame has started another Block of the Month.  This time it tells the history of Women's Suffrage.  This site not only provides a quilt block from that time period but a wonderful history of that time with pictures and artifacts from the time.  Even if you have no interest in quilting, the history each week will be worth reading.  Each will there will be a new block and history notes.  Check out the webpage each week for an new block.  To save these articles each week on  your computer use Joliprint ( for more information see button on the left side of the FWLHA blog.  
To access her Civil War quilt blog go to 

Enjoy the stories!!