Friday, April 23, 2010

Hail to the Sewing Machine

For women of the frontier and the 19th century, the sewing machine was a most important and liberating invention.  Many of us in the 21st century now gaze through antique shop windows wishing to own that piece of sewing past.  I have embeded a video from a sewing machine museum in Holland that I think everyone will enjoy -- even if sewing is not your "thing".  It is a real window into the past.

Back in 1950, Jan de Vlieger, founder of IMCA, started collecting antique machines and he has built up, together with the whole "De Vlieger" family one of the nicest collections of antique sewing machines.
In 1990 the family decided to custom build a 2000 sq. feet museum for this unique collection, which gives this collection the right place to be shown.

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