Monday, July 12, 2010

Ft. Concho’s National Cavalry Competition event -- help needed

The Frontier Women’s Living History Assn. will be helping at Ft. Concho’s National Cavalry Competition event, Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2010 with activities for women and civilians who accompany the competitors and perhaps the public. We need ideas and volunteers. Please send me any ideas you might have and let me know if you will be at Ft. Concho for the event. It sounds like there will be about 50 people who might be interested in our activities. Below I have listed some ideas that have already been suggested as a jumping off place for your great additions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Check the blog for updates
Ann Dixon

Possible activities:

1. Afternoon tea
a. Suggestions for music or activities

2. Period craft workshop
a. Easy period crafts suggestions
b. Volunteers to teach crafts
c. Materials

3. Trolley trip to Concho Street Antique District

4. History type presentation
a. Suggestions for topic
b. Volunteers

5. Living History volunteers for staffing Officer’s quarters open to the public

6. Ladies bazaar similar to the March conference – open only a couple hours with invitations to incoming participants if they wish to bring things to sale or trade.

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