Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Corsets and Hardware Stores???

Here is an interesting article about using zip ties for corset boning.
Kenneth King, contributor  -- Threads
"I was talking to a correspondent in Wisconsin recently, and we got on the subject of boning for strapless dresses. It seems she had a tight deadline for a wedding dress, and was in a quandary about where to get boning in her small town. I mentioned this tip about using zip ties as boning, and she really was enthusiastic about this--it was something she could readily get it at the building supply store, and not have to send away for it.
The tip: Using "zip ties" as boning.
These are also called "cable ties", and I heard about using them from some of my students who are into corsetry--they said the zip ties were a suitable substitute for whalebone. The zip ties come in different thicknesses, but the ones I decided to use were the heavy-duty ones. "....

Read the rest of the article here... http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/19790/corsets-from-the-hardware-store/page/all

I think I would like to try out a corset pattern using the zip boning before I commited my expensive steel boning and busque to a corset that might not fit.  Check this article out and post your comments.


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