Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ribbon Trim

Ribbon Trim

Trim made from ribbon was one of the prettiest form of needlework made in the Victorian era.  There is a well done tutorial on this lovely piece at  This trim would be lovely on a dress, cape or shawl.  How about around the neck of a 21st Century T-shirt?

Another type of ribbon work that was popular is called the Slip Knot braid and is so easy I use it at events to intrique the students. This ribbon braid was found in an 1860's Godey's book as a trim for table mats. has a good easy to follow version of this one.

Ribbon Trims (Embellishment Idea Books) by Nancy Nehring is an outstanding book with all kinds of ribbon trims from the Victorian era.  It is available from Amazon and often can be found in your library.

Another book of interesting and practical needlework is 50 Heirloom Buttons to Make by Nancy Nehring.  Like the Ribbon Trims book, the paper copy is quite expensive but luckily it is also available as an E-book which is well worth the $9.99 price.  It shows how to make Dorset buttons from thread and cord.  These are the lovely thread buttons woven intricately over rings. In 1800s England, making these buttons was a cottage industry that kept many families afloat. When machinery made it quick and easy to cut shell and later plastic buttons, Dorset buttons disapeared.

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  1. Hi Ann, The ribbon is beautiful. I went to the tutorial and will definitely be playing around with this. Looks very simple to do. Thanks for posting it. Beverly