Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Victorian Trim

Below is part of an article on Victorian Trimmings at Your Wardrobe Unlocked,  The Costumer's Companion.  It has great pictures and tutorials on some lovely trims.

Victorian Trimmings
Gina Barrett  

The best way to trim any historic costume is, of course, to look at period examples. Surviving garments are the first choice, and then illustrations and paintings from the period to see what was 'in vogue'.

During the Victorian period, numerous books and magazines were published to give ladies ideas and instruction in various needle arts. From dress making to lace making, these publications are invaluable to those of us looking to achieve an authentic look.
However, not all of these publications are equal. Some are very comprehensive in their instructions, others assume that a certain amount of knowledge is already known. This can be difficult for us today, as even the terminology can be different, or the process changed with time, making following some of these articles less easy to reference.
In the case Hecklinger's Ladies Garments, there is a wonderful section on trimmings. But despite the wealth of engravings of trimmings and trimming ideas, there's very little instruction on how to make them. So Gina Barrett, our trimmings expert, has stepped in to help.
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  1. Ann, What an awesome tutorial on the trims. Loved the website. Very easy to see and read. Thanks for posting it. Beverly

  2. thanks Ann great read and such luscious ideas thanks soooo much for the leads