Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pets, Then and Now

There are many loves in my life.  Of course, my faith and family are first but I also love to create beautiful things like quilts.   I know that women making a home on the frontier in 1800s Texas felt the same way.
Snoozing at my side at this time are my two "furbabies"  2 big dogs named Autie (named for Geo. Custer) and Ulysses...and, yes, they are named after "Yankee" generals.  This is a long way around to telling you about an article I just found about dogs and quilts from the 1800's.  Barbara Brackman, a civil war quilt historian, published this article at l 

There are several vintage pictures of dogs during that time period.  She also references a site where there is information and pictures of dogs and breed's history
Just like today, dogs were important to homes and families.

Enjoy these articles and give your puppy an extra pet or two.

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