Sunday, December 23, 2012

Perfect Pleats...that stay.

Antique pleater
Details, details, details!  It is the small details that make a dress stunning.  Pleats were extensively used  on skirts, hems, necklines to display the seamstress' ability.  There were a number of tools used to pleat or flute fabric, some were flat like the one demonstrated here and others were cranked or required a form to use with a fluting iron.  All in all, it required work that you didn't want to be continuously repeating when you wore the dress. This video  demonstrates a pleating tool available today that is similar to the antique tool to the left that will make pleating much easier in creating your historical garment.  She also recommends using a solution of water withe a tablespoon or two of vinegar to set the pleats.  I have also used this solution to remove stubbon creases.

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