Friday, January 4, 2013

Ft. Chadbourne's event, May 3rd and 4th.

I received this message concerning Ft. Chadbourne's event, May 3rd and 4th.  Please continue to email your dates so I can enter them on the FWLHA calendar.
Happy New Year…
Before you know it, it will again be time for the Fort Chadbourne Living History Event. This year the event falls on Friday, May 3rd, and Saturday, May 4th.

As you know, we have been collecting emails, so that we could begin to use those for more efficiency with postage, and quicker and easier responses from those who have furnished them to us.

The form attached to this email, is what you normally fill out each year, or you may visit our brand new website where you may download the forms at any time from there.

Please click on the “Events” tab, and go to the Living History Event section. You will find the forms located towards the bottom of the page for re-enactors.

If you haven’t visited our new website, please do. It’s really great, and we’ve had an awesome response from everyone that has taken a look at it.

As for the form, please fill it out and either scan it and attach to an email for return, or drop it in snail mail to us. We really do prefer you fill the form out completely rather than just email us you are coming. It truly helps us keep track of your request and responses more diligently.

We are aware this is early, and you have until April 1, 2013 to let us know, BUT we thought we would try and get the emails up and working, and snail mail those that still don’t embrace email. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Have a great new 2013, and thanks for all you do to make Fort Chadbourne events so great! We look forward to seeing you in May.

Ann Pate
Fort Chadbourne Foundation
651 Fort Chadbourne Road
Bronte, TX 76933

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