Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Civil War May Event at El Rancho De Las Golondrinas 2015

Picture from http://elranchodelasgolondrinas.zenfolio.com/p837005582
Picture from
I received this information from Marsha of the New Mexico Ladies Congress:

"At the Glorieta event this year there was a professional photographer who handed some of us a slip of paper with the address of where to find his photos. Just in case you did not get a slip from him when you were there or in case you were not able to make it, here is the information. I just checked and he got some wonderful shots of the battles, the camps, and most if not all of our ladies. Of particular note is an adorable shot of Lucy and Alysia and a couple great ones of Madeleine and Marilyn. Check out all the pictures. They really catch the flavor of the event."

Las Golindrinas Website: http://www.golondrinas.org/
   A wonderful living history farm near Santa Fe, NM

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