Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Book on Dress Design of the 10th to 19th Centuries Online

This is a new (old) book which has just been uploaded to Project Gutenberg and is worth a good look  The book is the 1920 version of Dress Design  by Talbot Hughes.  The book contains information on dress for both male and female from the 10th century though the 19th century.  The language is typical of books of that time (original printing 1913) and may require some time for translation for 21st century readers.  There are line drawing patterns for many of the dress pictures in the back of the book, as well as some plates of orignal garments of the time.
Project Gutenberg is a real benefit for researchers.  These are books in public domain that have been scanned and linked  for ease of use.  They can be read online, downloaded or printed.  This book was brought to my attention by one of the volunteers who helps proof and get books ready for uploading.  He thought I might like the patterns shown in the book. (Go figure!  :)  To look through this book, go to  There are probably other books worth looking at as well if you do a search.  Another good resource for antique needlework patterns is the Antique Pattern Library at 

--Ann Dixon

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