Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's Old is New Again!

It always amazes me how things cycle around.  We think we are so clever ...until we realize that the item was invented and popular long ago.  This summer, I unearthed a Singer pinking machine from the early 1900s in an antique shop.  This hand cranked machine would cut a pinked edge or scallop edge onto fabric.  Just perfect for finishing edges of garments and other decorations.  I had to have the little machine which still worked like a charm.  Just before Thanksgiving I was browsing in a fabric shop (those of you who know me know that I don't do that very often : ).  ) There on the the shelf of the latest and greatest of sewing notions was an electric powered fabric cutter.  With a mere change of blade you could cut a straight, pinked or scallop edge. With a push of a button you could pink the edge of yards of fabric or cut yards of strips for sewing or quilting. 

Having sewn for many, many years and  been taught by a seamstress whose roots actually came from the Victorian era ( my mother through my grandmother) I always found it interesting how sewing techniques from that time period have hung around and are often revived by young fashion designers as the latest and greatest idea in the world.  If you check this website from the sewing/couture magazine called Threads   
you will find several embellishment items spotlighted there that are simple revivals of Victorian crafts such as the ribbon braid,  ribbon flowers, braided leather, and other items. To think that I have spent hours researching in Godey's and other period publication for lovely embellishments for my dresses and I could have just looked at what current designers are cycling back into popularity.  Oh, well ---I can't wait for Go-Go boots to be redesigned...again.

---Ann Dixon

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