Saturday, March 19, 2011

7th Annual Frontier Women's Living History Association Conference

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March 11, 2011 was a bright but windy West Texas day as ladies gathered from near and far to improve their living history skills and learn new things.  Arnie, our crochet expert, assisted those arriving early in getting started on creating a pair of new crochet mitts for their dresses.  Later that evening, we stepped into movie land and watched an old western called Westward the Women which was accompanied by pizza and sparkling punch.  Ladies then retired to their residences for the weekend, either the boarding house or historic building on the fort. 
Saturday, March 12th was also a typical sunny day as we gathered for breakfast and then broke into groups for sewing seminars.  Robin led the advanced seamstress in a pattern draping workshop that would provide them with a basic pattern that could be modified for most dress styles from 1850-1880.  Jane from Ft. Griffin instructed the group of Girl Scouts and other ladies on basic hand sewing techniques and helped them get started on creating a period appropriate skirt.  We broke for a delicious lunch and then returned to the seminars.  Many ladies brought items to exchange and sell.  Items ranged from period clothing, shawls, purses, bonnets, gloves, crochet hooks, jewelry and just about anything else a frontier lady might need.  At 4:00 we began to prepare for a formal tea in one of the fort building.  A couple of visitors passing by were kind enough to take pictures of the ladies as they gathered.  Inside the tables were beautiful and lovely music was provided by a string trio of young living historians, Cheryl M's three daughters.  Thanks so much to Sara and Cheryl who organized the lovely tea.  Conversation was lively and various ladies shared their living history memories.  Following the tea, we adjourned to go to supper and return to our quarters. 

Sunday was another sunny day as we gathered at Officer's Quarters 8 again.  Our friend from Louisiana, Joan, This time we choose a buckram hat base to begin designing a hat for our outfits.  The time periods of the bases ranged from 1850-1890.  Out came enough feathers, lace, trims and other fluffy things to rival a milliner's shop.  Hat making continued after lunch until about three o'clock when ladies prepared to travel back to their homes.  Heartfelt thanks to the Sharon for organizing this grand time, to Jane, Arnie and Robin for their expert instruction and to Sara, Cheryl and her daughters for the lovely tea. 

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  1. Ladies, once again I want to thank each and every one of you for attending our School of the Victorian Lady. Each year we get a chance to learn valuable techniques that will enhance our presentations. However, I do believe that our conference is much more, a circle of friends which is getting stronger and larger with each passing conference! We have support from Fort Concho, Texas Forts Trails and the Texas Historic Commission to enable us to attain facilites as well as supplies.

    We already have reserved Fort Concho for next year and have four presenters lined up! Joan will be adjusting her wonderful needlepoint design that we will use as our logo! It has been suggested that we not only have tee shirts made, but also a flag!

    So, mark your calendars for the second weekend in March 2012. See you around the campfires of our upcoming events at Fort McKavett, Fort Chadbourne and points near and far!