Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Great Links from ARNie This is the link to the Texas Woman's University collection of gowns that were worn by Texas First Ladies.
TWU- in Denton, has an extensive textiles museum and collection. I've never been to the exhibit, but my sister has told me wonderful things about it... when she was attending school there. and while I was digging around in the site, I found this: Womans' Collection Research- that I didn't even know was there. From what I can see at the site, you can visit the archives on the Campus, and you can order copies of materials... for a price. For those who are looking for more history on their era, this could be a gold mine of information. Again, I've never seen the archives, but only know the university from my sister.

I realize that all universities will have historical books and documents, but Texas Womans' University centralize the materials specific to our interests: the history of Women in our area.

Maybe that could be a Field Trip for our Association, or maybe we try having our yearly conference there one year? I don't think we'd have time this year to get a second conference organized, but it is something for our members to discuss at the various events at the Forts. Keep in mind, that both of these collections are available only on Weekdays. However, the university might be open to private viewings, if this is part of an entire conference. What do y'all think? Would this be something you'd want to try to do?

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