Saturday, December 31, 2011

Needlework Samplers

If you are looking for a project for the quiet times at living histories or to start a conversation with the public, consider a needlework sampler.  Not only did they provide beauty for beholder but told a story about the maker.  This site, shared with us by Bev, has lots of information on samplers.

Needlework samplers have a rich history and today take on an interesting twist.
The rich history of needlework samplers is hinted at in the commercially produced patterns of today. Samplers have often been dismissed as nostalgic decorative items of no importance but in the past samplers have been a method of recording information. Today they can be seen as format to explore stitches and design elements, mixed media techniques and some freeform contemporary samplers even include elements of journalling.

Needlework samplers, always act as a record of stitches, and skill but they can also record patterns and motifs, depict family trees, commemorate life events, such as weddings or births. Alphabet samplers and growth charts are popular today, but their function has changed significantly.

Links and resources on this page will take you on a journey into both the history of needlework samplers and how to stitch your own sampler.
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