Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Did A Victorian Child Find under the Christmas Tree?

GIFTS FOR BOYS: For boys there are leaping-horses arranged on a platform in order not to injure the carpets; goats that bleat, and dogs that bark; menageries with all sorts of wild animals; fire-engines with hose that throw the water across a room; livery stables with vehicles, hostlers, and horses; grocery stores and restaurants; pack-mules with well-filled panniers, driven by Swiss muleteers; express-wagons heavily laden with boxes, barrels, and parcels; steamers, and craft of every nation; locomotive and train; canes, riding-whips, etc.—all exact imitations of those used by the grown folks every day before admiring boyish eyes.

A very expensive present for a little girl is a miniature dinner-set of French china, ornamented with a painted wreath. In the same case with the china are cut-glass goblets, silver-ware, cutlery, bronze candelabras, and table linen—every thing, indeed, that the most fastidious little folks could desire for a bountifully spread table—all carefully packed away in an oaken chest.

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  1. Thank you Ann, the theme for our December Ladies Tea is children's toys. Em's doing the presentation. This will help her. jp