Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ruched Buttons

Buttons were mainly decorative through most of the 1800s because fabric had to be saved and clothing was to be cared for and conserved since it was so time consuming and expensive to make.  Instead of using buttonholes on women's clothing which weakened the fabric and could tear out, hooks and eyes were often used.  But that doesn't mean there weren't lots and lots of buttons used for decoration.  Many buttons were covered or crochet'd.  Consider this tutorial when you decide on the buttons of your new dress.  Ruching was a popular decoration at the time and with care you can cover a button that resembles buttons of the Victorian age using this tutorial.

How to Make Your Own Big, Ruched Buttons by Amber Eden of Sew Daily
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It's the details that make a project, and I just love a big, ruched, self-covered button for adding some vintage-modern punch to an outfit or accessory.

Here's how you can make your own ruched, self-covered buttons. (Note: You will need to purchase a large button-making kit from your favorite notions store.):
—First, cut out an oval-shaped piece of fabric to cover the button, rather than circular, to allow for the gathering of the fabric. To determine the size, lay the button down on the wrong side of the fabric and mark the center of the button, as well as the side and top edges. Move the button over half a width to each side and mark the curve lines, as shown. Your oval should be a ½-inch larger than one formed by the side, top, and bottom curves.

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