Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Use of Grosgrain Ribbon in Antique Garments

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The use of grosgrain ribbon is common in antique garments.  It is often used as the waistband, covering the top edges of the waist.  It is also found on the hems of skirts to protect against fraying as the skirt touched the ground.  It was much easier to replace a ribbon than to turn the whole skirt when the hem frayed.  It just goes to show...what's old is new again.

Grosgrain (pronounced "grow-grain") is a ribbed, strong and extremely durable plain weave material. While grosgrain fabric used to be common, today it is usually found in the form of nylon, rayon, or silk ribbons. True grosgrain ribbon has telltale scalloped edges.

Of course, grosgrain ribbon can be used to embellish just about anything, but it's also extremely useful due to its strength.

If you're making a skirt with thick fabric, you can reduce bulk around the waist by using grosgrain ribbon as a waist facing. The thin, strong ribbon will stabilize the waist and keep it from stretching out. Not only that, but the ribbing will help the skirt grip your body, keeping it in place while you wear it.
Grosgrain ribbon can also be used along the waistband of dresses and corsets to keep them from stretching out. You can even use it along the hems of shirts and skirts, provided they're fairly straight.

Try it out on your next project!

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